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Gilbert Arenas: I Purposely Made Irv Gotti Lose $175K Bet on My Game, He Wanted to Kill Me (Part 1)

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Gilbert Arenas came through for yet another VladTV interview, and he started off speaking about his new “No Chill Arenas” YouTube channel, which he said will be developed into a podcast. Gilbert then explained where the “No Chill Gil” nickname came from, and he revealed that it originated when he was separating from the mother of his children. From there, Gilbert addressed a recent story that Irv Gotti told about him ruining Irv’s $175,000 bet, and Gilbert explained how he thought the Murder Inc. crew was at the game to see him. Gilbert then explained that Ja Rule was heckling him throughout the game, and he added that he overheard that Irv Gotti needed a certain amount of points to win the bet. Gilbert then added that he gloated about hurting Irv’s feelings, and he stated that he’s glad that Irv never came after him. To hear more, including Gilbert speaking about Irv telling him about the bet years later, hit the above clip.

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