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Gilbert Arenas on Blac Chyna Losing Kardashian Lawsuit: Her Mistake was Asking for $100M (Part 19)

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Part 18: https://youtu.be/YMYvPpQjsmQ
Part 1: https://youtu.be/7A2dl34tjkI
In this clip, Gilbert Arenas revisits what it was like to be a kid when Magic Johnson announced to the world that he had HIV. Then, the former All-NBA player reveals that his biggest inspiration before he got drafted into the league was Penny Hardaway. He said that he even wore #25 in high school because of Penny. As the conversation continues, he says that he doesn’t remember too much about Magic Johnson, because he was so young during his heyday. Which is why he’s grateful for HBO’s hit series, “Winning Time,” so that can see what the Lakers were like back in the 80s.

Arenas later shares his thoughts on Blac Chyna unsuccessful attempt to sue the Kardashian’s in court. The former point for the Washington Wizards explains that Blac Chyna’s objective should have been to settle for a lower sum of around $1 million instead of trying to sue one of the most powerful families in the entertainment industry for $100 million.

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