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Gilbert Arenas on His Assistant Getting 4 Years in Prison for Stealing $7M, Got Money Back (Part 30)

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Part 29: https://youtu.be/BPoXkVJpfPM
Part 1: https://youtu.be/5NPWBKCia1M
In this clip, Gilbert Arenas explained why he ultimately turned his former assistant into the feds for stealing $7 million from him. He said he caught his assistant by accident when he attempted to withdraw $200 and was informed of transactions that involved his assistant purchasing cars and paying off his mortgage with the NBA star’s money. Arenas said he tried to make a deal with his former assistant where the assistant would forfeit his assets and write a letter admitting to the crime as Arenas planned on suing his financial advisors for not doing their due diligence. When the assistant refused, he decided to turn the evidence over to the feds and still sued to get some of his money back. His former assistant ended serving four years in prison for multiple counts of wire fraud and filing a false tax-related document.

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