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Gilbert Arenas on How He Got adidas to Give Him a $40M Shoe Deal, Lost it After Gun Arrest (Part 26)

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Part 25: https://youtu.be/DJlTXEQjOc8
Part 1: https://youtu.be/yHL8VvBPr9c
In this clip, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas talks about his original shoe deal with Adidas during his heyday and the residuals that he is still receiving from the company now that his shoes are back on the market. As the discussion moves along, he revisits his playing career and talks about why he wasn’t viewed as a superstar initially. He said that he quickly learned that creating an on-court character for himself like “Agent Zero” proved to be much more lucrative than just putting up big numbers, and that taught him how to market himself. As the conversation shifts gears, Arenas looks back on his 25th birthday party. The three-time NBA all-star reveals that he spent about $2.5 million renting out two Four Seasons Hotels and Jet Blue’s airplane service. Arenas stated that the event was so successful that it caused his popularity to skyrocket, and it resulted in him starting in the 2007 All-Star game. It also helped him land a $40 million dollar shoe deal.

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