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Jaz-O on Putting Jay-Z On, Beef with Jay, 'Ether', Diss Records, Reconciliation (Full Interview)

Jaz-O came through for another VladTV interview, and as it had been some years since his last interview, he started off telling his life story, including rapping for fun as a teenager. He also detailed meeting a then-15-year-old Jay-Z, and Jaz-O also spoke about blowing up in his neighborhood. From there, Jaz-O went on to speak about getting a record deal, recording in London, and Jay-Z getting heavy in the streets. Jaz-O also spoke about getting tired of doing music himself and then focusing on helping Jay-Z with his rap career, including the beginning of Roc-A-Fella, and being featured on several of Jay-Z’s songs. To hear more, including how his relationship with Jay-Z has changed over the years, hit the full interview above.

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