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Josh Norman on OBJ Rivalry, Cam Newton Fight, Super Bowl 50, Jay-Z Line (Full Interview)

In this full length-interview, Josh Norman discusses what it was like to grow up in a Christian home in South Carolina and the close-knit bond that he shares with his four brothers. The former All-Pro cornerback details his life as an amateur athlete in high school and college up until the point when he signed his first-ever multi-million dollar deal with an NFL team. As the discussion moves along, the 34-year-old talks about some of the highlights of his NFL career, including his infamous showdown with Odell Beckham Jr., when the two of them were in the of their careers. The former NFC champion also reflects back on purchasing his first home, becoming the highest-paid cornerback in football, and being Native American Indian. Lastly, Norman shares his thoughts on CTE and the notion of Antonio Brown working with Kanye West.

Interview by: Coach PR

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