Kia Jeffries Details Killing Husband in Self-Defense, Suffering Backlash From Family (Part 7)

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In this clip, Kia Jeffries was asked about breaking up with her husband, who continued to abuse her while living with other women himself, but not wanting her to ever move on. Shawn Prez then asked Kia about the night she defended herself against her estranged husband, which ended with his passing. Kia explained that there is a documentary in the works about the incident, so she couldn’t give out too much information. Kia added that you never rebound from those incidents, and she revealed that it has hurt her in the entertainment industry, including bookings being taken away.

Later, Kia Jeffries spoke about telling his son about his father’s passing, and Kia explained that her son knew how dangerous his father was, but he still has love for his father. Kia revealed that her son knew about his father’s passing before she had a chance to tell him, and she added that her son went to school the following day because he couldn’t look at her injuries. Kia went on to speak about her son graduating college with honors, and she also detailed how she helps women that are in the same situation as her.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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