Kia Jeffries on Lil Cease Giving Her the Cold Shoulder For Killing Husband in Self-Defense (Part 8)

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In this clip, Kia Jeffries spoke about the what-ifs when it comes to her husband’s death, and she explained that she thinks about it every day, adding that it’s an appalling situation. Kia then shared a story about going to the Bad Boy reunion and seeing Lil Cease, who she said didn’t speak to her. Kia stated that she knows it was over the situation with her husband, and she went on to speak about her husband being managed by Jam Master Jay. Kia revealed that Jay let her husband out of his contract because he feared for his safety over a beef that he was involved in. Afterward, Kia spoke about Diddy wanting to manage her husband, and she also spoke about her detailed history of working with Biggie and other Bad Boy artists. Kia explained that her husband was proud of his marriage, and she added that he was well-loved by everyone that knew him. Moving along, Shawn Prez asked Kia if she would’ve done things differently the night that her husband died, and she said she was unsure. She explained that sometimes she questions if they should’ve gotten married to hold one another accountable for their happiness. Kia added that she regrets having a courthouse wedding while pregnant with their son, as she explained that her parents disapproved of her husband.

Lastly, Kia spoke about healing from the night her husband died, and she gave advice to anyone in a similar situation as she was. Kia stated that it’s important to speak to someone about their situation, including hotlines and the Whole Life Healing Center in Atlanta, which Kia works closely with, and she shared a story about helping a woman. Kia pointed out that isolation in a relationship is a sign of someone trying to control you, and she urged people to look out for other signs that things are going wrong in a relationship. She also spoke about people marrying for money, and Kia pointed out that anyone that loves you will never control you. The interview closed with Shawn Prez telling Kia that her story will help someone, and Kia spoke about how she wanted to mentor female artists in the game.

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