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King Carter on Signing Toosii After Signing DaBaby, Toosii Blowing Up Too (Part 5)

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Part 4: https://youtu.be/ZKP2k9hXC6w
Part 1: https://youtu.be/RcnWqHatOsc
In this clip, King Carter spoke on his relationship with other artists from the label, mentioning Blacc Zacc as well. He went on to say he’s one of the most underrated artist. He noted that unlike DaBaby and Toosi, Blacc Zacc was brought to him. From there, King Carter spoke on ZayTheGOAT, and his relationship with the artist.

He also talked about being a father and the balance between that and managing numerous artists. He went on to say you don’t really have time, and that you have to make time. He noted that his health, personal life, and his pockets suffer all for greater good, which is his family. Carter spoke about religion, and briefly walked us through his journey, and how it relates to his artists.

King Carter later spoke about on the Astroworld incident, saying accountability must come into play, but he’s conflicted. He noted that he is in agreement with Boosie’s statement on having his kids at the front row of a festival, saying it’s too much that could happen, even accidentally. From there, he explained where his name comes from, saying it stems from his rap name, as well as his mother.

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