King Carter Speaks On Dealing w/ PTSD, Survivor’s Guilt, Having Relationship w/ God, Fatherhood

King Carter “The Emergency Room” Interview

North Carolina native & artist manager King Carter stops by for a new interview with FoolWithTheCamera on “The Emergency Room”! During our insight, Carter talked about his childhood growing up in Charlotte, having a close relationship with is mother, his father not being around when he was younger, assuming the position of being the man of the house at a young age, turning to the streets to make money, selling fake weed, being a father to his 3 kids, challenges he faces as a father, losing his close friend to suicide on his 21st birthday, suffering from PTSD following that incident, dealing with survivor’s guilt, managing DaBaby, explains why he can’t trust anybody, having a real relationship with God, and much more!

King Carter

Interview by FoolWithTheCamera

The Emergency Room

DGB Media


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