Home Interviews Layzie Bone Recalls 2Pac Defusing His Verbal Fight with Suge Knight (Flashback)

Layzie Bone Recalls 2Pac Defusing His Verbal Fight with Suge Knight (Flashback)

In this flashback, Layzie Bone spoke about his close relationship with Eazy-E, and he went on to detail how Eazy became his mentor in his music career. When asked about the difference of Mo Thugs and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Layzie explained that it’s a vehicle that they develop their artists, including Rocky Rock, through. Moving along, Layzie Bone responded to being asked about the beef between Death Row and Bone Thugs, and he revealed that there were times where things could’ve went bad. Layzie then added that Eazy-E encouraged them to steer clear of his beef with Death Row, and he went on to speak about running into Suge Knight at the time. Layzie then revealed that Suge tried to step to him when Tha Dogg Pound had a show in Bone Thug’s native Cleveland, and Layzie revealed that 2Pac stepped in to intervene. To hear more, including Layzie sharing stories about his other encounters with 2Pac, hit the above clip.

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