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Lil Keke Speaks On Courts Using Rappers Lyrics, Disagreement w/ Pimp C, Going On Run For 10 Years

Lil Keke “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with the legendary Lil Keke for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he spoke on how he is has remained relevant for 25 years, never felt like giving up on music, his thoughts on the streaming era & how streaming pays compared to CD sales, how social media has changed how artists promote their music & character, taking some time for him to embrace social media, his thoughts on how social media has impacted the streets, coming up on the Southside in the 90’s, what the city looks like today, jumping off the porch in the 8th grade, reveals how he linked with DJ Screw, explains what type of person Screw was, selling 40k copies on his independent album ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ the first week it was released, starting a lot of lingo in Houston, his breakthrough single “Southside”, the Rolle he played in the Northside vs Southside beef, the recording session for “25 Lighters” w/ Fat Pat & DJ DMD, how he feels about artists sampling the song 25 years later, speaks on Fat Pat & Big Hawk, having to go city to city passing out free CDs to get his buzz, being on the run for 10 years, explains why he signed to Swishahouse for no money, his single “Chunk Up The Duece” with Paul Wall & UGK, explains why Pimp C took his verse off “Knockin Doors Down”, them squashing their issue weeks later, not having to pick sides with other rappers beefs, Bun B bringing him out on the recent UGK 8Ball & MJG Verzuz, “Grey Cassette” with Trae Tha Truth, working on his album ‘Loved By Few Hated By Many’, what inspires him to keep creating today, his new album LGND, his thoughts on the new wave of Houston rappers, signing his own artists, receiving the Volunteer Service award from Obama, giving back to his community, wanting to do a movie about his life, upcoming book, his thoughts on the courts using lyrics against artists, and much more!

Lil Keke

Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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