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Lil Mama: I Was the First Person To Get Super Roasted on Twitter (Flashback)

In 2015, Lil Mama sat down for a VladTV interview, where she spoke about being “the first person to get super roasted on Twitter.” Lil Mama explained that the heat came when she jumped on stage with Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, and she predicted that things would’ve been different if Instagram was around at the time. During the conversation, Lil Mama explained how the industry has changed with the rise of social media, and she added that it’s important for artists to not pay attention to the negativity online. She also explained why she never puts her relationships on social media, and Lil Mama stated that keeping things private works better for her. Speaking more about relationships, Lil Mama explained how it’s hard to see someone’s true intentions when you have fame, as she pointed out that people will try to come up off of you. To hear more, including Lil Mama explaining how it’s hard to date non-famous people, hit the above clip.

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