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Lil Reese Refused to Go to Court Against the Man who Shot Him, Isn't Angry at Shooter (Part 14)

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Part 13: https://youtu.be/hZXzZnElEAI
Part 1: https://youtu.be/CGo9laGSlXk
In this clip, Lil Reese recounts the near-death experience of getting shot in the neck with an AK47 rifle back in 2019. To that, DJ Vlad makes a reference the car accident involving D.O.C., where the former protege of Dr. Dre nearly damaged his vocal cords so severely that he never made a full recovery. From there, Lil Reese explains why his recovery turned out better than the D.O.C., by stating that he did not have multiple surgeries like the former NWA affiliate. Instead, he let his injury heal naturally after one operation. As the discussion unfolds, DJ Vlad asks Lil Reese if he knew who shot him and why. The Chicago native responded by explaining why he didn’t press charges and why he wasn’t even angry that he was shot due to mistaken identity.

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