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Luenell Spoke to Craig Robinson After His Comedy Show Got Shot Up (Part 5)

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Part 4: https://youtu.be/-u_WNOmL3Y8
Part 1: https://youtu.be/8d62poEhJx8
In this clip, Luenell recalls finding out about an incident where a paying customer shot off his gun at a comedy show upon learning that the original headliner of the evening, D.L. Hughley had been replaced by Craig Robinson. The Arkansas native states that while she wasn’t in attendance for this wild occurrence, she did speak to Craig Robison on the phone about it shortly thereafter. This prompts a brief discussion about why the individual brought a gun to the show in the first place before DJ Vlad explains that the gun laws in the south are a bit different than the regulations in the Metropolitan areas of the north. From there, Luenell goes on somewhat of a tangent about the lack of safety precautions at Black comedy clubs. When DJ Vlad asks her if she’s ever had anyone try to attack her on stage, Luenell responds by saying no.

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