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Math Hoffa on Becoming a Full-Time Stick Up Kid, Never Arrested for Anything He Planned (Part 2)

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Part 1: https://youtu.be/2gRdqDr6eEM
In this clip, Math Hoffa talks about the vagueness of American history for African Americans and research that he conducted on various religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. He said that his studies led him to get out of a life of gang banging and crime in lieu of the religious path, temporarily. From there, the legendary battle rapper from New York detailed the similarities between the religious temples and gang culture, during his teens, such as having to get “jumped out” of a temple if you desired to move on to another. As the conversation moves along, he talks about being a father at the age of 19 and the difficulties of raising a son, while working 10 hours a day. Moving along, he talks about meeting a man named Frank from a company called “Strive Career Path” and how the encounter changed his outlook and made him realize that he had issues with his father that needed to be dealt with. Lastly, the New York native revisits his days of doing robberies with his friends and the tragic shooting that led to him trying his hand at battle rap.

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