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Michael Franzese on Sammy the Bull Cooperating Against Mafia Boss John Gotti (Part 17)

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Part 16: https://youtu.be/M7Jdeg8ng10
Part 1: https://youtu.be/mvjznNkC5mw
DJ Vlad starts this clip off by mentioning that Sammy The Bull cooperated with the feds and was subsequently responsible for 38 people, including six bosses, who went to prison. To that, Michael Franzese said that he was surprised and very concerned by the actions of the former underboss but that he didn’t know him well back then. In response, DJ Vlad shares that one of the main reasons why Sammy The Bull flipped is because a recording of John Gotti talking about his killings got back to him. This prompts DJ Vlad to ask Franzese if mobsters ever step up and take the fall for their bosses. Franzese responds by stating that he doesn’t know of a situation where that has happened yet. Lastly, the mobster turned actor shares his thoughts on the murder of Paul Castellano and the way in which it was carried out by John Gotti and Sammy The Bull, without the permission of the bosses.

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