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Michael Jai White Thinks R. Kelly's 30 Year Sentence is Justified (Part 4)

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Part 3: https://youtu.be/bJcScZvoVMc
Part 1: https://youtu.be/aPbf5P_–d8
In this clip, Michael Jai White started off by revealing why he thinks R. Kelly’s 30-year sentence is justified, and he added that he would be all over Kelly if someone connected to him was one of the victims. During the conversation, Michael and Vlad also got into a debate about the fault of the victims’ parents in the situation. Michael then explained how ordinary people can be blinded by fame, which led to Michael and Vlad discussing being starstruck. Vlad then revealed it was when he saw Beyoncé, and Michael revealed he is usually collected, aside from the time that Dr. J came up to him. Michael explained that the legendary NBA player approached him to tell him that he’s a fan, and Michael admitted that seeing someone that he looked up to in person caught him off guard. Michael went on to detail the times he met down-to-earth celebrities, including Matt Damon and Shaq, and Michael stated that he can identify with both.

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