Montell Jordan on $11K IRS Debt Ballooning to $1.7M, Went Bankrupt and Sold Music Catalog (Part 12)

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In this clip, R&B singer Montell Williams refers to the IRS as “Gangster” before explaining why their claim that he owed them $1.7 million is inaccurate. He reveals that it all stems from a $50,000 “production deal” that he agreed to with his record label. He goes on to reveal that his financial advisor neglected to factor in the $11,000 tax fee for the government. Therefore, his account went into default, and the amount owed to the IRS accumulated over years with interest. This eventually led to him filing for bankruptcy. Eventually, he was able to pay the IRS back after selling off his music catalog.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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