NBA Mascot Harry the Hawk Crashes Yung Joc's Interview, Allegedly Makes $500K Per Year (Part 1)

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In this clip, Yung Joc discusses the viral moment went Harry the Hawk approached him at a recent Atlanta Hawks home game with a sign that read “Get Me on VladTV.” The Atlanta native goes on to say that it goes to show how big the VladTV platform has become. From there, Yung Joc drops a bombshell on Shawn Prez by telling him that Harry the Hawk is actually there with him at the recording studio. At that moment, Harry the Hawk joins in on the interview as the interviewer, Shawn Prez, nearly loses his mind. After Shawn Prez claims down, he fires off a few questions for Harry the Hawk.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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