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Papoose on Getting Accused of Trying to Break Remy Ma Out of Prison (Part 9)

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Part 10: https://youtu.be/FaFpXnEvVaY
Part 8: https://youtu.be/ARGj0HEXA2M
Part 1: https://youtu.be/El_mq6JMEi4
In the latest clip, Papoose explained how a fake story about him trying to break Remy Ma out of prison circulated across various news sites. According to rapper, a skeleton was confiscated and tossed when he went to visit his wife in prison in order to get married. As he was waiting, he was informed that the ceremony was cancelled and he was detained for two hours. Once released, he was photographed by news media and later saw stories claiming he tried to break Remy Ma out of prison with the key. The story caused him to lose his visitation privileges (which he ultimately regained) and also caused him and Remy Ma to resort to marrying each other over the phone. To hear more, view the clip above.

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