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Papoose on Making More Money on Love & Hip Hop than Music (Part 11)

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Part 10: https://youtu.be/FaFpXnEvVaY
Part 1: https://youtu.be/El_mq6JMEi4
In the latest clip, Papoose described Remy Ma’s release from prison after serving six years. Papoose admitted that her release wasn’t like he anticipated as his wife was unusually calm once she was finally freed. He also recalled the prison trying to break his wife’s spirit by refusing to let her go on her release date and keeping her for one more day. To hear Papoose describe the chain of events, check out the clip above.

Papoose also explained why he and Remy Ma joined Love & Hip Hop shortly after her release from prison. He admitted that the both of them were battling misconceptions regarding their public image and felt appearing on the show would show them in a different light. He added that he made more money from the reality TV franchise than he did as a rapper. The clip concluded with Papoose talking about the release of his second album and finally seeing success in his music career years later.

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