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Peezy Brings Us To Detroit To Talk About Jumping Off The Porch, Rio Da Yung OG, 2 Million Up

Peezy “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently traveled up to Detroit to link with Peezy for a special edition of “Off The Porch”! During our sit down he talked about growing up on Cedar Grove on the Eastside of the city, the changes his neighborhood has gone through since he was younger, buying the house he grew up in, jumping off the porch, dropping out of school in the 11th grade, moving to the westside of the city to stay with his dad, explains how he got into rapping, his friendship with Soda, being a part of Team Eastside, the group getting buzz in the city, the impact the group had on the city, dropping his first solo album in 2013, starting his label Boyz Ent, explains how he got introduced to Rio Da Yung OG, building a friendship with him, signing Rio, two of his music videos being used in an indictment, limiting what he posts on social media, starting to really take music serious when he caught the case, explains how he spent his 18 months in prison, Philthy Rich linking him in with Ghazi & EMPIRE, having a close friendship with Ghazi, separating the streets & music, spending a lot of time with Rio when he came home, explains why him & Rio don’t have a lot of songs together, the Detroit music scene exploding, the impact Detroit has had on the culture, Future shouting him out on his new album, explains the title to his new album ‘Only Built 4 Diamond Links’, his single “2 Million Up” going crazy on YouTube & Apple Music, upcoming song with Big Sean & Hit-Boy, share advice fro the youth, and much more!


Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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