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RMC Mike Speaks On Rio Da Yung OG, Peezy, Leaving The Streets, Lil Yachty Shining Light On Michigan

RMC Mike “Off The Porch” Interview

Last week we linked with Michigan rapper RMC Mike for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down he talked about what’s going on in Flint, the music scene in Flint blowing up the past 2 years, the artists in Flint all supporting each other, playing sports before getting into music, jumping off the porch while in high school, dropping out of school, working temp jobs, learning that the streets don’t love you, the goal always to be to get out of the streets, music giving him an opportunity to leave the streets, his & Rio Da Yung OG music blowing up, linking & signing with Peezy, his life changing in 2 years, his chemistry in the studio with Rio, gives an update on how Rio is doing in prison, having a lot of unreleased music together, having Avery distinct voice, working several times with Lil Yachty, his relationship with Louie Ray, the creative process for “Thick With No Ass” w/ YN Jay, having fun with his music, explains why he hasn’t signed with a major label, his new project ‘Junior Season’, his growth as an artist from ‘Rookie Season’, not writing any of his raps, his next project ‘Senior Season: Graduation Day’, opening doors for Flint, shares advice for the youth, and much more!

RMC Mike

Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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