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Roger Reaves on Drug Smuggling Plane Shot Down, Captured & Tortured by Mexican Police (Part 2)

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Part 1: https://youtu.be/8SjX1Ugr_9w
In this clip, Roger Reaves spoke about running into problems in Mexico after being confronted by police while he was sweeping out his plane. He revealed that the officers fired a shot next to his head, burning his skin after finding two seeds on the ground, and Roger went on to detail how he was saved from the situation. Roger explained that the officers changed their tune and wanted to work with him. He then revealed how the officers robbed him of the $2,000 he had on him and later fired shots at his plane.

Moving along, Roger spoke about his plane being shot down in Mexico by the police, and he spoke about how he and a passenger, a man named Pedro, were wounded. Roger revealed that as he was about to take off, he heard a loud noise that turned out to be a gunshot. He added that he tried to take off, but the police shot the plane down into the water, and a shootout ensued. Roger then revealed that he and Pedro found a donkey, which they used to ride 7 miles to a friend’s house, and they got out. Roger then shared a story about the Mexican Federal Police, or Federales, capturing him and torturing him for months. Roger detailed the various methods of torture that he endured, and he spoke about never giving up any information. To hear more, including how Roger was taken out of prison, hit the above clip.

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