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Roger Reaves on How He Smuggled $1.5B in Cocaine for Pablo Escobar (Full Interview)

In this full-length interview, Roger Reaves, former drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel, talks about his early life in the states of Florida and Georgia while experiencing poverty and being forced to make moonshine illegally to take care of his family after his father died. From there, he recounts moving to California after getting married and developing his love of flying planes before becoming a fireman and buying his first plane, which ultimately led to him meeting someone who talked him into fly marijuana across the border to Mexico. For his first trip, Roger made $10K which was more than twice as much as he would’ve made as a firefighter. Naturally, he quit his job and began smuggling full-time.

Moving along, Roger speaks about running into problems in Mexico after being confronted by police while he was sweeping out his plane. He revealed that the officers fired a shot next to his head, burning his skin after finding two seeds on the ground, and Roger went on to detail how he was saved from the situation. Roger explained that the officers changed their tune and wanted to work with him. He then revealed how the officers robbed him of the $2,000 he had on him and later fired shots at his plane.

He shares a story about the Mexican Federal Police capturing him and torturing him for months. Roger detailed the various methods of torture that he endured, and he spoke about never giving up any information. Roger then speaks about meeting a fellow drug smuggler named Barry Seal in 1980, who later had a movie called “American Made” starring Tom Cruise about his life. Roger revealed that they met on a plane while he was on a trip to Honduras, and Roger stated that he was surprised that Barry told him that he had just gotten out of prison. Roger then told Barry to come to California for some work, and Roger went on to detail the beginning of their working relationship, including Barry showing Roger his flying skills.

After speaking about their operation, Roger spoke about Barry’s relationship with the then-governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Roger then spoke about how Barry inferred that he was bribing Clinton with large amounts of money to land the planes in the state. He goes on to talk about when he found out that Barry Seal, who used to work for him in smuggling, was cooperating with the feds. Eventually, Barry testified against him to a grand jury and Congress. After speaking to several lawyers to get advice, who all told him that he had to “snitch” or go to prison for life, Roger explained that he fled to Brazil. Roger told Barry that he had a price on his head, and months later, he was killed by a man that Roger had previously met during a deal. Lastly, he talks about 79 years old, Mexican cartels using tunnels, his crazy run in the drug game, his 30-year bid in prison, spending time with his family, and more.

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