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Sad Boy Loko on Pleading Guilty to Avoid Potentially Getting Life in Prison (Part 3) #interviews

Part 2: https://youtu.be/Ah6xVa3IQSo
Part 1: https://youtu.be/UbIDnZqjqWc
In the latest clip, Sad Boy Loko detailed the process of his case after receiving his charges. Sad Boy Loko claimed he sat in limbo for eight months as his lawyers waited to receive the discovery or paperwork. He added that no real progress occurred in his case until a year after he was arrested. After he and his co-defendants refused to cooperate, he was offered a nine-year plea deal which he denied. 

While Sad Boy Loko was ready to go to trial, his court date kept getting pushed back. He eventually accepted a three-year plea deal once he learned that his cellmate had been fighting his case behind bars for five years. Under the deal’s terms, his attempted murder charge was voided and he pled guilty to felony assault and street terrorism. He explained that it’s double time when a person is in jail, so he had technically served his time once the deal was finalized.

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