Saigon on Being Fired from Love & Hip-Hop for Being Too "Boring" (Part 11)

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Part 10:
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In this clip, Havoc and Saigon discussed some of the steps that black people should take to create some sense of unity. They talked about the way black people make companies billions of dollars and how best to harness that power. The pair also discussed the importance of rappers using their platforms to promote the right message. Moving along, Havoc and Saigon signed off after a quick discussion about the ways in which women have been taught to weaponize child support against men. Saigon talked about the issues that surfaced after appearing on Love & Hip Hop with his BM. However, at this point, Saigon and his son are in a great place and his son has started his own clothing line. Saigon even gifted Havoc with some of the pieces that have been released through his son’s line.

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