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Shaun Attwood on Facing 200 Years, 57 of Sammy The Bull's Associates Cooperating (Part 6)

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Part 5: https://youtu.be/cQCNw6uoVsE
Part 1: https://youtu.be/KSrmyHS2h40
In this clip, former UK drug lord, Shaun Attwood, looks back on a sting operation by law enforcement that resulted in his complex in Arizona being surrounded by a tactical unit team decked out in black amour. He said that although he fought the case for 26 months, he ended up having to do prison time. Moving along, he reveals that Sammy The Bull and 57 of his associates were listed on the indictment, and they all cooperated. On the flip side, over 100 people from his organization were indicted, but only four cooperated. From there, he explains why he accepted a plea deal with the help of a lawyer that was referred to him by the New Mexican Mafia’s lawyer. Ultimately, the lawyer got his sentence reduced from 200 years to nine and a half.

Later, former UK drug lord Shaun Attwood details what his prison stint was like in the United States by comparing it to American films such as “American History X” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” From there, he explains that because American prison systems are run according to race, behind bars, he was approached by the Aryan Brotherhood upon entry. He goes on to describe prison as drug-fueled mayhem and insanity but that he was relatively safe because of his association with “Wildman.” As the conversation moves along, he dives deeper into the adjustments that he had to make in order to appease the Aryan Brotherhood during his prison stint. Scroll up and press play to watch.

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