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Shaun Attwood on Working for a Mafia Figure in Penny Stocks as First U.S. Job (Part 1)

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Shaun Attwood came through for his first VladTV interview, where he spoke about moving to Chicago as a kid, but his mother didn’t like it, so they moved back to the UK. Shaun added that he still visited America frequently because his aunt’s lived in Arizona, which led to him revealing that he got a taste of attention after his aunt lied to some women in Arizona, telling them that he was Paul McCartney’s nephew. Around the same time, when Shaun was 16, he got interested in the stock market, and after making some money, he started making plans to move to the U.S. and make a million. Other movies and real people in the stock market arena continued to spark his interest in making money in the stock market. Shaun then explained how he got the rave scene started in Arizona after he saw it taking off in the UK when he was in college.

Later, Shaun Attwood discussed landing his first stock job in the US pushing penny stocks for a mafia figure. He detailed what caused him to step away from the penny stock game and how ruthless the stock brokerage industry is, in general. Attwood also described his job as a literal “Wolf of Wall Street” fully equipped with strippers and drugs.

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