Snupe Bandz & PaperRoute Woo Talk About Young Dolph, South Memphis, Boyz N Da Hood Album

Snupe Bandz & PaperRoute Woo “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with Memphis rappers PaperRoute Woo & Snupe Bandz for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation they talked about coming from South Memphis, the violence increasing, Woo jumping off the porch when he was 8, Woo being very good at playing basketball, going to college, Snupe jumping off the porch when he was 14, trying out college for a short time, meeting each other in elementary school, Snupe just starting to rap 2-3 years ago, Woo rapping since he was 14, Woo starting to take music seriously in 2020, watching Key Glock blow up, Woo being a part of PRE before he got the chain, Dolph signing Snupe in 2020, signing in their hood, explain what it was like working with Dolph in the studio, touring with Dolph, reveal what Dolph was like away from the music & cameras, his legacy in Memphis, their first song together “In My Bag” blowing up, their breakthrough single “Pop Out”, their new project ‘Boyz N Da Hood’, their chemistry when recording together, their songs “Mold Me”, “Team Player”, “Loyal”, “Green Beam” with Bankroll Freddie, working with Duke Deuce, “Cross The Tracks”, deluxe on the way, plans to drop solo albums next year, the entire PRE camp going up, plans to do a PRE compilation album, the music scene in Memphis right now, Woo being a father, and much more!

Snupe Bandz

PaperRoute Woo

Interview by Haze

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