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Stormy Daniels on Stripping at Age 17, Moving to LA to Work in Adult Films (Part 2)

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Part 1: https://youtu.be/iZEdNdu9mLE
In this clip, Stormy Daniels explains what led to her decision to leave her mother’s home before she was a legal adult. She recounts a story back on Christmas Day, when she had been watching the Conan O’Brien show with her friends, in the living room, when her mother interrupted them by storming out of her bedroom in a nightgown and falling into the Christmas tree buck naked. An incident that her friends still won’t let her live down. After she moved out of her mother’s house, she became a stripper at the age of 17. Once Daniels became a legal adult, she began working at the higher-end burlesque clubs. This eventually led to her pursuing a career in porn with ‘Wicked Pictures’ in California.

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