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Teddy Riley Charged $1 to Produce Foxy Brown's 'Get You Home' to End Russell Simmons Beef (Part 25)

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Part 24: https://youtu.be/irNrvTohvps
Part 1: https://youtu.be/FaAz-AX5Ld4
In this clip, legendary R&B producer Teddy Riley recalls seeing 2Pac and Biggie on two separate occasions just prior to their murders. From there, he talks about co-writing Foxy Brown’s biggest hit, “Get Me Home,” before explaining why he only accepted $1 for his contribution. He reveals that, that he only accepted $1 for his services as a show of goodwill towards Russell Simmons because of a previous beef that they had involving Wreckx n Effect and A Tribe Called Quest. He also states that his gesture of goodwill was due to the fact that Russell Simmons was someone who he idolized in the music industry.

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