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Teddy Riley: Michael Jackson's Vocals on His Posthumous "Michael" Album are Fake (Part 30)

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Part 29: https://youtu.be/NejGnJnEF_s
Part 1: https://youtu.be/FaAz-AX5Ld4
In this clip, Teddy Riley recalls the making of the posthumous album that he co-produced with Eddie Cascio for Michael Jackson back in 2010 before addressing the claims that the lead vocals were fake. From there, DJ Vlad reminds him of a less-than-flattering statement that he made in response to Quincy Jones on the matter. This prompts Teddy Riley to apologize for making such a comment saying that Jones is his idol in music. To that, DJ Vlad asks Teddy Riley for clarity on the subject by asking him if he believes that the lead vocals from the “Michael” album actually belong to the late pop singer. Riley replies by saying no because he has never seen or heard any proof that can verify MJ’s voice on the records. In the end, Riley ascertains that “Michael” was essentially a fraudulent album, aside from one track on the LP called “Hollywood.” Riley concludes that he would work on another MJ project as long as the vocals were authenticated by his son, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (aka Prince), and the rest of his estate beforehand.

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