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TK Kirkland on Being on Tour with 50 Cent Before He Blew Up, Thoughts on Abortion (Part 19)

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Part 18: https://youtu.be/nn2_vYWpEpg
Part 1: https://youtu.be/shq0CSj-cSg
In this clip, TK Kirkland and DJ Vlad exchange their thoughts on “Roe vs Wade.” TK Kirkland starts things off by stating that he supports a woman’s right to choose but that he also likes the idea of holding people who have sex in an irresponsible manner, accountable. He goes on to indicate that he understands why “Roe vs Wade” could be viewed negatively unless you look at it from an intelligent perspective. To that DJ Vlad indicates that most pregnancy scenarios can be resolved if both parties involved are mature adults who are willing to communicate and work together.

Moving along, TK Kirkland shares a story about meeting a young 50 Cent back when he was just the opening act for the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money Tour back in 1999. He then reflects back on an encounter with 50 Cent in Detroit (before a concert) a few years later when he was entering the prime of his popularity. TK Kirkland said that 50 Cent went out of his way to acknowledge him and show him respect in front of his children. Moving along, the actor/comedian reveals that 50 Cent invited him to make a guest appearance in the “Window Shopper” music video Monaco.

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