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Tonesa Welch (BMF) Claims Big Meech Sold His Life Rights to "Piece of S*** Informant" (Part 21)

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Part 20: https://youtu.be/mDAQSNKJxc4
Part 1: https://youtu.be/RYSn-LGQmgk
In this clip, Tonesa Welch talks about her first encounters with a government informant named Tammy Cohen. A woman who now holds the title of executive producer in the BMF series on STARZ. As the conversation continues, the first lady of BMF gets emotional as she alleges that Tammy Cohen engaged in a smear campaign to ruin her reputation. Lastly, she looks at Vlad and states that she wants Tammy Cohen to see this interview so that she can feel the same emotional pain that she has caused her over the years. Tonesa Welch then expresses the disdain that she felt when she saw her friends from BMF socializing with Tammy Cohen at a red carpet event for the heralded television series on STARZ.

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