Tony Yayo Thinks Rappers Should Go Back to Wearing Bulletproof Vests, G-Unit Past Drama (Part 2)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Vlad started off asking Tony Yayo if there were any situations that happened while G-Unit was touring amid beef. Tony spoke about situations going down in Cincinnati and Los Angeles, and he added that there were incidents with Suge Knight. Tony explained that when you’re on top, you know you’re a target, and he added that artists need to bring back bulletproof cars and vests. He then added that he learned that artists need to be protected at all times. When Vlad spoke about “checking in,” Tony explained that people take it the wrong way, and he went on to detail how knowing people in certain cities can be helpful. Tony then shared a story about staying at an Airbnb that was down the street from the Airbnb where Pop Smoke was killed.

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