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Too Short on His Conspiracy Theory about Eazy-E Dying from AIDS (Part 11)

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In this clip, Too Short recalls being tabbed as the opening act by Eazy-E for a tour that took place during the height of N.W.A.’s popularity. The rap veteran explains that it was his first tour and he compares his early records and influence to the trail that Eazy-E was blazing for West Coast rappers in Southern California. Later in the discussion, the Bay Area rap icon shares the origin story of how he and Ice Cube orchestrated a tour together that included the likes of Yo-Yo and Kid Rock. As the interview continues, Too Short talks about the legacy of his hit song “Blow the Whistle” and which rapper is responsible for putting a specific annunciation on the word “Bi*ch.”

As the interview continues, Too Short shares his thoughts on the way in which Eazy-E passed away from AIDS. He talks about the portrayal of Eazy-E’s passing in the “Straight Outta Compton” film before raising some very thought-provoking questions about why Eazy’s death was so abrupt. Back then, when someone contracted AIDS, they typically had HIV first and then they slowly faded away. But that was not the case with Eazy-E and that still baffles Too Short to this very day.

Interview By Shirley Ju

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