Unique Mecca Audio on Warning Gene Deal About a Hit on Biggie, Told to Stay Out of Cali (Part 13)

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In this clip, Unique Mecca Audio and his brother, Big Bootsie, look back on the success of Unique’s old NYC venue called ‘Club 2000.’ The former drug lord turned businessman reveals that he inspired the iconic chorus from “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty by Nature by playing to the crowd when he would go on stage, per the DJ’s request. According to Unique, a plan was put in place to record music with the chant first, by Naughty by Nature beat him to it after hearing his “Hey Ho” chant at ‘Club 2000.’ Later in the discussion, he talks about some legal issues that he had to sort out with the group over the right to use the “Hey Ho” saying in their music. Moving along, he says he and Doug E. Fresh had a similar discussion about his usage of the term in “I-Ight’ He also talks about the late Tupac Shakur wanting to “shadow” him for the role of Birdie in “Above the Rim.” He also reveals that he used to make clothes with A$AP Ferg’s father, Darold Ferguson.

Later in the interview, Unique Mecca Audio looks back on his seven-year run as a drug lord, during which time his operation generated nearly half a billion dollars. During the discussion, he talks about his lavish lifestyle during his heyday, which includes having an MPV with a video game console inside. Moving along, he talks about being one of the first New Yorkers in the game to submerge himself in Miami’s urban culture long before artists such as Diddy and Lil Baby started going down there. In addition, he talks about his pivotal contribution to the first ever “How Could I Be Down” gathering in Miami, which was initially a Birthday Party bash for Fab Five Freddy.

Moving along, Unique Mecca Audio relives his experience at the ADX Florence Penitentiary in Colorado during the height of the East Coast vs. West Coast beef. He says that because he was behind bars and underground, inmates at the prison facility didn’t have access to the news on TV or the radio, so they stayed up to date with printed magazines such as The Source and VIBE. The former drug lord reveals that the beef became so personal that the inmates from the West Coast started to have a problem with him because he’s from New York. As the conversation nears its conclusion, he talks about getting some intel that there was a hit out for Biggie. His response to that was to put the word out back home in NYC so that Biggie could be warned to stay out of Cali.

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