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Vlad Asks Sammy the Bull if He Considers Himself a Serial Killer or Mass Murderer (Part 33)

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Part 32: https://youtu.be/h3PjGU9KdCI
Part 1: https://youtu.be/mIyrAakCGCU
In this clip, Sammy the Bull reacted to claims that Carmine Persico, the former head of the Colombo family, cooperated with investigators. Sammy explained that while he knew Carmine well, he doesn’t know if he believes the claims. Sammy went on to state that Carmine was a coldhearted person who was vicious. Sammy also reacted to being asked if he considered himself a mass murderer or serial killer, and he questioned if we should ask soldiers the same thing. To hear more, including Sammy’s advice to kids who look up to things he did in the mafia, hit the above clip.

Check out Sammy the Bull’s website at: http://sammythebull.com

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