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Vlad Breaks Down to TK Kirkland How Jay-Z Sold 92 Kilos of Cocaine for Only a 6% Profit (Part 20)

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Part 19: https://youtu.be/koCTwl7Rmiw
Part 1: https://youtu.be/shq0CSj-cSg
In this clip, DJ Vlad and TK Kirkland talk about a past VladTV interview with Faizon Love in which he declared that Jay-Z was fabricating stories about his days as a drug lord and Jay-Z responded to the interview in a rap. To that DJ Vlad attempts to make financial sense of a claim made by Jay-Z that he once lost 92 bricks (of cocaine) and he came to the conclusion that the drugs were valued at about $1.6 million and that he only made a 6% profit margin per brick. To that, they discuss the risks involved with selling 92 bricks, such as prison and getting killed. From there, TK Kirkland talks about why a life in the drug game simply isn’t worth it.

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