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Warhol.SS on His Worst Trip on Edibles, MF Doom Collab, Working with Lil Mosey (Part 5)

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Part 4: https://youtu.be/l2hQVJmXniI
Part 1: https://youtu.be/gXuZWm-fd_E
In this clip, Warhol.SS talks about the events leading up to recording “Kill Tek Piece” with Lil Mosey. The Chicago native states that while he enjoyed working with Lil Mosey, he was not too fond of the complicated intricacies that took place behind the scenes because of Lil Mosey’s manager and record label. The “Speed Racer” rapper followed that sharing why he loves being an independent artist and the importance of getting to know management before teaming up with them on a project.

He also sheds light on his friendships with Famous Dex and Master Kato. Warhol.SS later shared his thoughts on Drakeo The Ruler’s passing, and he revealed that he was close to Drakeo’s Stinc Team but he had never met Drakeo in person. After revealing that he and Drakeo planned to make a song at one point, Warhol.SS also spoke about his Dad’s ties to MF DOOM. This led to questions about an MF DOOM verse possibly appearing on his next album, which you can hear more about above.

Interview By. Shirley Ju

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