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WhoGangDee Never Broke Again Speaks On Surviving Gunshot to Neck, Finding Out Hes Cousin w/ Youngboy

WhoGangDee Never Broke Again “Off The Porch” Interview

Last week we connected with Baton Rouge rapper WhoGangDee Never Broke Again for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit own he talked about being from the Northdale neighborhood, how the city has changed over the years, playing sports when he was growing up, jumping off the porch when he was 14, not having any OGs, explains why he never had any friends, people turning his back on him after his friend died, tells the story of when he was sot in the neck & chest, having to wave down a firetruck after he got shot, explains why the hospital released him, explains how he got his start rapping, starting to release music in 2016, explains what WhoGang is, how he got the nicknames Skully & Big Owl, signing to NBA right before Easter, finding out he was cousins with NBA Youngboy after he was already hanging out with him, YB shouting him on the song “Hit”, preferring to write his raps, the music scene in BR right now, his song “No Disrespect”, his new music video for “Deadman”, his song “Brave”, his new EP “Skully Scene’, upcoming music with Youngboy, advice for the youth, and much more!

WhoGangDee Never Broke Again

Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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