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WillGotTheJuice Speaks On Being Held Hostage By Label “I Had To Run Out, I Had To Leave Everything”

WillGotTheJuice “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with WillGotTheJuice for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our interview he discussed signing a new deal, being in a rap group in his earlier days, getting locked up in the 8th grade, growing up in a tough environment, learning from his mistakes when he got locked up, being from Baltimore and Philly, dealing with his dad being locked up, living in Jamaica, dealing with certain traumas from his childhood, choosing to rap, being apart of the group Trio Diamonds back in the day, learning to set boundaries, pros and cons of being in social media at a young age, meeting his longtime girlfriend Olivia, being in a bad label deal, Olivia being with him during his darkest time, being held hostage by an old label, escaping the label, advice to upcoming artists before they sign a deal, going through a lot behind the scene, money bringing more problems, his escape story from the label, moving to Vegas, picking up his music career after pursuing his YouTube career with Olivia, working with 2KBaby this year, project coming soon and more!


Interview by MikalaTV

DGB Media

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