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YK Osiris on Getting a "Big Big Big Check" from Def Jam (Flashback)

In this flashback, YK Osiris spoke about taking his music career seriously when he was around 16-17, and he stated that he wanted to be a singer like Michael Jackson. He revealed that he’s never taken singing lessons or sang in a choir, and YK Osiris knew that he knew he had a unique voice that was “made to be heard.” From there, YK Osiris spoke about getting attention on YouTube after social media personality Eastside Ivo reposted his video, but YK Osiris pointed out that he was getting a lot of views before that. The increase in views led to him getting thousands of followers every day, and YK Osiris said that his inbox was full of messages from celebrities. From the clips he was posting on YouTube, YK Osiris said that labels started reaching out to sign him before he even put a single out. When asked about signing with Def Jam, YK Osiris felt like they were an established label with a history of success, and he added that they were giving the biggest deals. He then added that they cut a “big, big, big check,” and YK Osiris revealed that he immediately dropped $15,000 at Louis Vuitton, followed by a Corvette. To hear more, including dropping “Timing” and “Valentine,” hit the above clip.

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