Yung Joc Goes Off on Akademiks For Calling Him Broke Over $1,800 Zelle Mistake (Part 24)

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In this clip, Shawn Prez asks Yung Joc to chime in on Ashanti’s alleged affair with Irv Gotti. The Atlanta-based rapper states that he likes both parties involved before indicating that unless they have a long-lost lovechild out there, people shouldn’t give the topic too much of their time. From there, he states that Ashanti was essentially forced to address the topic publicly because of the way that Irv Gotti brought it to light.

Later in the clip, Yung Joc talks about a recent blunder that he made when he accidentally paid a stranger $1,800 in Zelle. He then states why he had such a problem with DJ Akademiks commenting on the matter via social media. Shortly after he lost his money, Yung Joc reveals that a stranger who heard about the matter unexpectedly paid for an expensive purchase of his at a department store.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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