Yung Joc Says He'll Shave His Head Bald if Tory Lanez is Found Guilty in Meg Case (Part 3)

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In this clip, Yung Joc and Shawn Prez talk about Ben Simmons’ name being brought up in the criminal trial involving Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion before speculating if the three-time All-Star actually did what he’s being accused of. From there, Yung Joc reveals the wager that he has with Mz Shyneka from his morning show in regards to the case, stating that if Tory Lanez ends up being guilty, he’ll shave his head bald, but if he’s found innocent, she has to show up to work with the braids under her weave fully exposed. Lastly, he explains why he believes Tory Lanez is innocent by pointing out some holes in Megan’s opening statement.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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