In 2013, Isis Taylor sat down with DJ Vlad for a discussion about working in the industry, during which she revealed a shocking story that Jeremy Piven had sexually harassed her two years prior. When asked to share a crazy celebrity encounter, Isis proclaimed that when the 2011 NBA All-Star game was hosted in Los Angeles, she was invited to a Jordan party where she met Piven for the first and only time.

Isis stated the actor walked up to her and asked if she was aware of who he was. When she was unclear, he professed, “I’m Jeremy Piven, have you been living under a rock?” The pair had a conversation which led outside for what Isis believed was a smoke break at which point the harassment took place. “We’re talking, and I guess I’m not noticing his hands,” she proclaimed.

“All of a sudden [Piven] is like ‘Look all this can be yours,’ as he points to his d**k. I look down, and his d**k is full blown out,” she asserted. Isis disclosed that he ordered her “to just touch it” at which point she walks back into the party.

Jeremy Piven has recently been accused of sexual assault by an actress while working on the set of Entourage, which he abhorrently denies. Listen to Isis recount the tale above.


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