SHARE – Jacquees, Rich Gang’s newest signee, talks with DJ Smallz about the state of R&B, Shaq, knowing his music, and how he ended up partying in strip clubs at the age of 14.

The 20-year-old singer caught the eye of Birdman after his remakes of Drake’s “Girls Love Beyonce,” and “Come Thru” went viral. The Decatur native says his style of R&B, a soulful blend of rhymes and singing, hasn’t been perfected in the genre. He also says he loves the fact that many R&B artists are working together.

When it comes to his upbringing, Jacquees says it differs from most since he was always surrounded by producers and rappers.
Before he was even able to legally drink, the singer would end up in strip clubs. Jacquees says frequent collaborator and friend Jody Breeze would take him and he would have to keep calm so no one would see his braces. While he was scared of getting caught, the singer says the dancers made him feel comfortable since they would playfully joke with him about his age.

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