SHARE – KXNG Crooked, aka Crooked I, was signed to Death Row during the early part of his career, and the West Coast native spoke exclusively to VladTV about his thoughts on Suge Knight’s recent murder charges.

The Slaughterhouse emcee explained that the entire situation is messed up, because Crooked said he was around to witness Terry Carter, the man who Suge ran over and killed, being close with the Death Row family. Crooked added that Terry also gave him sound advice at the beginning of his career, and the “YODO” emcee spoke about how Terry’s death is a real loss.

During the conversation KXNG Crooked also spoke about how Suge Knight’s generosity has never been showcased in the media, and he added that the “bulls***” was highlighted more than the record exec’s good deeds. Crooked even shared stories of Suge helping him out on occasion, including giving him money to put down on a home.

Check out more of what KXNG Crooked had to say about Suge Knight and also the potential for a Death Row Records biopic in the future.